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Storm Damage Repair, White Glove Exteriors

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We want to be your advocates to ensure you are properly educated and represented throughout this substantial financial event. Our company only profits from this “windfall” only so much as we can and still deliver quality workmanship and materials and an attention to detail unparalleled in the business. Doing so with a friendly, small-town, touch.

You will deal with either myself, Joe Millin, Sales Associate, or John Ernst, Owner and President, throughout the process from the first knock on your door, through filing your claim and the installation process, to the final immaculate clean up job. Both John and I are committed to providing excellent communication. We will always return your call within 1 business day.

Rest assured you will not get “the expansion team” of roofers. Our roofing crew boasts of a combined 65 years experience between its two senior members alone. They will complete their work promptly (1-2 days for an “average” home) and professionally with the precision of an old-world craftsman and the efficiency that only many years of practice brings. Your roof and the smoothness with which the job was executed are sure to be the envy of your neighbors.

Our siding “crew” is “one man band,” who works alone because he cannot find help that consistently meets his own exacting standards. He can side your entire home, by himself, in about 7 days. You will be in awe.

What does Hail damage look like, and does it affect the integrity of my roof?

When a large hailstone impacts a standard 20-30 year asphalt shingle, you may see areas of blunt-force trauma, which usually appear as black spots, blotches or “stars” ranging from the size of a quarter to the size of a pea. These blotches are where the cinder topcoat of the shingle was knocked free from the asphalt-saturated fiberglass backing. This tar-like backing appears black when the colored cinder embedded in it is knocked off. The exposed backing is not meant to bake in the sun unprotected. Over time, the bald spot will crack and may potentially leak. “Stars” often appear when the cinder layer was crushed, resulting in white dust and a stress fracture.

Hail damage to shingles is neither as dramatic nor obvious as wind damage. There are frequently no shingles out of place, and it may require a trained eye to identify it accurately. Look for dimpling of the soft metals on and around your roof, siding and window wrappings. Can you see or feel dents in your gutters and spouting? Make sure to light the area appropriately. You can look at the same aluminum siding in two different lights and see a world of difference. Are the ridge vents and other ventilation metals damaged? Are the gutter covers cracked or out of place? Is there an unusual amount of “shingle dust” in your gutters or on your sidewalks? If any of these is true, your roof may have been damaged severely.

My roof is damaged, what should I do now?

First, we suggest you contact a reputable, experienced roofing company to evaluate your damage. At White Glove Exteriors, we encourage you to research our credentials by checking our record with your local chapter of the Better Business Bureau. You will confirm our A+ rating, and we can provide you with over 50 sparkling reviews on Angie’s List ™ whose Super Service Award we have won each of the 5 years we’ve been members. We are licensed and insured to work in your community and will pull all the appropriate permits associated with our work. If you have found this information helpful, we hope that you will place your trust in White Glove Exteriors and our superior reputation by hiring us to hold your hand through the claims process and provide you with a superior roof. Please contact me directly for a free evaluation.

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